A film on hard working people in Otsego, Delaware & Chenango counties, NY.

and what we can do to help improve the lives of our friends, relatives, and neighbors.

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by Joseph C. Stillman, Jeri Wachter and the Rev. Dana Horrell

The "Rural Matters;  Poverty in the Other America" documentary will speak with many individuals and organizations dealing with poverty in our community.  It is our hope that this project will illuminate the plight of our families, friends, and neighbors and value the hard work that people living under challenging circumstances face everyday.



Organizations like OFO, Catholic Charities, Social Service Groups, Community Leaders, Hospitals, Church Social Action Committees, Schools, Hunger Coalition Members, Law Enforcement, Clergy and Volunteers dedicated to helping those in need are part of the solution to poverty in our area. 


The Filmmakers

Joseph C. Stillman, Jeri Wachter and the Rev. Dana Horrell  will spend the next two years making this comprehensive documentary on individuals living in poverty and ways that hopefully, can change peoples lives who need assistance.


"Rural Matters; Poverty in the Other America" ongoing work

A segment from our ongoing feature documentary on low wage earners in America,

Help Support this important project

Our film is totally funded through contributions from organizations, corporations, and individuals, To find out how your tax-deductible assistance can help this project. please contact us through email or phone us at (607) 376.4300 (607) 226.4181 or (315) 439.9154.

Contact Us

If you have a story about the challenging circumstances you are facing, please contact us. Your struggles are important and we want to value the hard work you are doing and your efforts to earn a living.

We understand that poverty in our community affects people living in challenging circumstances. Feel free to message or call us with any suggestions you may have.

Thank you